Bumbu BAMBOE Sayur Asem

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Seasoning for Sweet & Sour Vegetable Soup with Tamarind

Netto: 60g

Best Before: 02/10/2023, 23/10/2023

Made in Indonesia

Brand: Bamboe


Salt, Vegetable Oil, Shallots, Sugar, Galgant, Garlic, Chili


3/4 lbs. vegetable of your choice: string bean, sweet whole corn, cabbage, zucchini, bell pepper, kangkung leaves, bean sprout, peanuts, etc. Clean and cut 1-2 inch as pictured.

500 to 700cc (2-3 cups) water (if using vegetables with lots of water content, use less water)

1. Boil water, put in the vegetables (young corn and peanut first for 5 mins, followed by bell pepper, zucchini for 3 mins and leafy vegetables last).
2. Stir in bamboe spices, cook for 3 mins until done.