Singapore Satay PRIMA TASTE

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Ready to Cook Meal Sauce Kit for Singapore Satay

Netto: 275g (3.62/100g)


Marinade (heat sterilized): sugar, shallots, galangal root, garlic, palm sugar, tomato puree, vinegar, salt, modified corn starch (acetylated distarchadipate), spices, curry powder (turmeric, white pepper, coriander, cumin, five spice powder, fennel, star anise, chilies), Soy sauce (soybean extract, wheat flour, salt, water, sugar, color (ammonium caramel)), tamarind extract (water, tamarind, salt), chilies, lemongrass, turmeric, salt, shrimp paste (shellfish), yeast extract.

Sate sauce mix (heat sterilized): sugar, onions, peanut oil, garlic, palm sugar, tomato puree, chili, pineapple, salted soybean paste (soybeans, sugar, wheat flour, slaz, water), chili paste (water, dried chilies, salt), tomatoes, lemongrass, curry powder (cumin, five spice powder, coriander, fennel, white pepper, turmeric, chilies), galangal root, torchling buds, shallots, sesame, salt, corn starch, anchovies (fish), shrimp paste (shellfish), prawns (shellfish), soy sauce (soybean extract, Wheat flour, salt, water, sugar, coloring (ammonium caramel), dried shrimp (shellfish), Garcinia Atroviridis, yeast extract, acidity regulator (citric acid, ascorbic acid).

Sate peanut sauce: peanuts, sugar, vegetable oil.

Manufactured on production lines that also process peanuts, shellfish, fish, celery, molluscs, sesame and egg products.

Best before: 07.07.2025

Storage: store in dry place

Country of Origin: Singapore

Nutritional Information:

Average nutritional values pro 100g
Energy 423kcal
Fat 26g
of which saturates 12.4g
Carbohydrate 35.3g
of which sugar 29.5g
Protein 10.1g
Salt 1.3g
Ballaststoffe 3.9g