KARTIKA Roti Bagelen Rasa Mentega

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Crunchy French Toast Butter Flavour
Netto: 72g

Best before: 13/12/2023

Made in Indonesia
Brand: Kartika


Flour, Water, Shortening (contains antioxidant tocopherol), Icing sugar, Chicken egg, Margarine (8%)(contains antioxidant BHA, BHT, coloring beta carotene(vegetable) CI.No.75130, extract annatto CI.No. 75120, cur cumin CI.No.75300), Crystal sugar (sulfite preservatives), Milk powder, Sweetened condensed creamer (contains antioxidant tocopherol), Yeast, Salt, Improver (contains antioxidant ascorbic acid), Colorant tartrazine CI.No.19140 and Sunset Yellow CI.No.15985, Synthetic flavour.

Containing allergen, please check the bold printed material